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Every meeting is different, and no matter how well prepared you are, something eventually goes wrong. Usually, malfunctions strike whenever an important presentation in front of your boss and business partners is due. For optimal visualization, you rely on an interactive whiteboard, which can be a dangerous mixture if you do not use a reliable conference and presentation system. However, you want to give an impressive presentation for your excellent results and hope to counteract the unreliable conference technology with good preparation.


First, you invite your boss to participate via video-conference so that he can follow everything from the beginning. You get a picture right away and everything appears to be working. However, you quickly realize that your boss can’t hear you. The interference, unfortunately, is only one-sided, so that every word of your enraged boss can be heard throughout the conference room. Preparing well does not help you to solve the problem immediately.


You start the presentation to distract from your furious boss, but the image remains dark. Now, of all times, your laptop stops responding. The worst-case scenario has occurred, and you are feverishly considering the next steps to avert an imminent disaster. The participants on the site are restless and your boss is slowly but surely resentful. Now a quick solution is needed to save the conference.

Further functions

To top it all off, your predecessor has accidentally written on the interactive whiteboard with a permanent marker and you can no longer remove his notes. Your boss is now really blustering and the other participants are already beginning to shake their heads and leave the conference room. Everything is in slow motion and you are petrified. When the laptop finally fails to work, the meeting is called off and you find yourself on the phone with your boss seething with anger.

Meetings have to run smoothly!

Even with good preparation and sufficient IT knowledge, you cannot guarantee that everything will work right away and that you will not ridicule yourself in front of your boss and his partners at conferences.

It often happens that the technology no longer functions properly shortly before the meeting begins. While participants are waiting for the conference to start, you will then have to go through a tedious and complicated troubleshooting process, as many components could be a problem. In most cases you do not find the solution, so you end up losing a lot of time, nerves and integrity. Continuing the conference is difficult and the retry is extremely unpleasant for you.

Stop wasting time and be productive again!

It is worth investing in a decent and innovative video-conferencing solution. Time can be saved before and during the meeting and you no longer have to deal with conference technology. This leads to more relaxed meetings and better results. In addition, with a well-coordinated and modern audio-visual system, you radiate professionalism to customers and partners, making your presentations and conferences even more effective.

Technology that doesn’t work properly is extremely infuriating. You lose valuable time before conferences to test and prepare everything. If something is not working properly during the meeting, you lose precious time again. Meetings with outdated technology frequently have to be tediously followed up. Losing time also means losing money. A further disadvantage is the lack of trust in the technology, which delays meetings and employees because something can go wrong at any time.
Pulsar AV helps you to enjoy conferences and presentations again. You describe your problem and Pulsar AV solves it so you can sit back and relax. The new technology is tailored to your needs and wishes and is installed along with an individual software solution. Everything is perfectly coordinated and allows you to finally enjoy conferences again and concentrate on the essentials.
Experience a whole new dimension of conferencing. With new faith and self-confidence, you go to your new conference room, which is tailored to your needs and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The days of hectic conferences due to technical problems are gone. Time is finally used sensibly and no longer wasted. The advantages of the new technology are manifold and comprehensive: You save time, hold more effective conferences and get better results.

A meeting without beginning

After the horror meeting, your boss asks you on the phone what happened. Naturally, you assure him that it was the conference technology and that you did everything you could to be perfectly prepared. Your boss believes you because you are not the only employee who has had to deal with problems in meetings due to the conference system. You discuss for a while and refer to the state of the conference system currently in use. The argument that both costs and time can be saved will ultimately convince your boss. He trusts you with the task of investing in a new and better media technology solution for the conference room.

Solution by Pulsar AV

You get a chance for a new meeting and contact Pulsar AV immediately. From now on everything will be taken care of, so you do not have to worry about anything. Pulsar AV analyzes your needs and demands for the conference solution to find and install the best hardware for you. By using the best conference technology, the right source is automatically selected. The control panel is intuitive and very easy to understand, so you will find it easy to use. In addition, a professionally equipped conference room is more appealing to your customers.

Meetings with beginning and end

The new meeting begins and you immediately feel confident. The conference room looks more professional and reliable thanks to the new conference technology. You connect the HDMI cable of your laptop and the system automatically switches to the correct connection. The technology works more smoothly, so your boss can hear you right away and you can see and hear him too. While the presentation is loading, you test the new interactive display, which automatically connects to the laptop and displays the presentation. Everything is ready and you feel that both your boss and his partner are amazed by the new presentation technology and you. Now you know that the effort was worth it and that you are able to deliver a good and convincing presentation.

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