There is no second chance for a first impression

Presentations must be simple and straightforward

Obsolete presentation technology is unreliable and does not provide the necessary scope for your work. Presentations conducted with outdated equipment are exhausting. While other companies already rely on a modern and interactive solution, you are still dependent on your old presentation technology. Flip charts, for example, are for sure uncomplicated, but also not without nasty surprises.

The body surrenders

At the beginning of the meeting, you move the old flip chart into the middle of the room. The old chart has been through a lot already (several colleagues and moves), but by now it shows caducity. Two wheels squeak, while the third does not turn at all.  The paper no longer hangs straight and your colleague notices that either someone has dandruff or the flipchart is losing varnish. Everyone sees and hears that the oldest employee has suffered. Slowly it is time to retire the old companion.

Leere Stifte behindern das Meeting

The flip chart’s alternatives do not look any better

The meeting will proceed normally until you notice that the pen you are using is empty. That is not a problem, you just use a different pen. However, this one has dried up and the red pen has too little ink, so the letters are no longer readable. You decide to connect your laptop to the beamer to continue the meeting. A wrong connection, then, makes a connection impossible. Fortunately, one of your customers has the appropriate adapter with him. You have mastered this small crisis more or less sovereign. However, you now notice that the picture is disappearing continuously. You call your IT colleague, who even has a new cable at hand. The cable is now hanging from the ceiling downwards. When you notice that the sound is missing, you decide to use your notebook for the presentation. But nobody wants that

Inhalte eines Flipcharts lassen sich nicht einfach speichern

Save, continue working, copy/send

You declare the meeting over and ask your colleagues to record the results on the flipchart. Almost simultaneously, everyone leaps up and runs towards the flip chart with their mobile phones brandished. Everyone wants the best position for the perfect photo. Neither tables nor chairs pose obstacles. Someone turns the page and suddenly there are loud objections from the third row. In chaos, a participant accidentally pushes the light switch and plunges the entire conference room into darkness. In the resulting tangle, the light is switched on again. Your boss stands in the door and shouts in horror, “Seriously? Can’t this be organized any better?” Walking out, he demands a report from you and mumbles quietly, “Kindergarten, that can’t be true…”

A meeting without results

Nowadays, meetings are so complex and extensive that it is no longer enough just to take a few notes and keep them as results.

Old presentation technology not only slows down the process of compiling and recording results, it also costs you a lot of nerves and time. The demands placed on materials and people are constantly increasing, and the installed equipment must not only keep up, but even support this development. Above all, you save a lot of time through improved presentation technology, since tedious preparation and follow-up are no longer necessary.

Meetings have to work

It is therefore worth investing in a good and innovative audio-visual presentation solution. This enables you to tailor meetings and conferences to your exact requirements. You can use software programs to make meetings more attractive and enjoyable. Modern alternatives to flip charts are easy and intuitive to use and provide better results.

If the technology fails or does not work properly, it not only costs you nerves and time, but in most cases does not seem competent. Moreover, not only time and reputation are lost, but also confidence in technology and thus the anxiety during presentations increases. You never know if and how long the technology will work and which problems may occur.
With Pulsar AV you hold presentations that convince and work. Your needs will be analyzed and determined so that you get exactly the solution that suits you and your core business best. Pulsar AV takes care of everything, so you do not have to worry. In addition, individual software ensures that the new hardware is well-integrated and that the devices are properly connected and functioning.
Drop the shackles of old hardware and start giving presentations that provide the freedom you need. Not only are you free to design, but you will have more confidence in the new technology, so that presentations will be more enjoyable, easier and more effective in the future. Impress employees and customers with well-designed and efficient hardware that delivers faster and better results. Save time and increase profits with better conferences.

Outdated technology, new requirements

Your boss is already waiting for your report and the results. You still don’t know how best to present the results of the meeting on the flipchart via e-mail. After some thought you decide to call your boss. On the phone you explain in detail what happened in the meeting and how this can be avoided in the future. Your boss listens with interest and after a short discussion he asks you to find a new presentation solution in order to get rid of the flip charts.

Moderne Meetings brauchen moderne Technik

Solution by Pulsar AV

You exactly know who can help you and contact Pulsar AV immediately. Together with Pulsar AV you decide to purchase and install interactive screens that will solve your problems with the flip chart and replace the projector at the same time. Interactive Screens not only simplify and improve the efficiency of work, but also allow the results to be saved in digital form. You will never have to worry about too little paper or empty pens again, so meetings will be much more pleasant in the future. Pulsar AV also offers you the opportunity to test the interactive screen so you can see for yourself.

Mit einem interactive screen wird der Konferenzraum aufgewertet und Konferenzen werden produktiver.

Efficiently develop and record results

The sequel of the aborted meeting is on and you feel ready to lead the meeting and note the results on the interactive screen. The operation is intuitive and simple, so you can pick up where the flip chart left you. The other participants are impressed by the new presentation solution and by your presentation skills. Everything is going according to plan and the ideas are just bubbling out of your employees. Afterwards you save the file and send the results of the meeting to the participants and your boss. He will praise you for the good results and the idea with the new presentation solution from Pulsar AV.

Die Ergebnisse von Konferenzen werden schnell festgehalten und geteilt.

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