Customized integration

Throughout our work, the focus is on seamless system integration. We deliver powerful solutions that connect your employees and partners. However, a premium audio-visual system requires more than just accurate planning and installation. Particularly commissioning and documentation are crucial aspects of integration.

We design and install your audio-visual solution not only highly professionally, but also systematically. In the process, your visions and expectations are always in the foreground. We support you from planning stage and remain your reliable partner even after commissioning your system!


The project manager will visit you on site and discuss the further course of installation of your new media technology solution.


We organize all plans and assembly drawings to ensure a quick and unproblematic installation.


We develop individual and customized user interfaces that are intuitive and comprehensive.

Installation preparation

We prepare everything for the installation in our office space, ensuring a quick and smooth installation.


A team of experienced technicians assembled for you, installs your audio-visual solution professionally and quickly.


We supervise all functions, adjust the system to your wishes and instruct your employees about the system.


You will then receive a detailed documentation containing everything necessary for your audio-visual solution.


We are committed to providing you with the best possible advice and support. You will therefore be visited by a project manager on site. In the first kick-off-meeting the following steps of the project will be discussed and unanswered questions will be clarified.

By illustrating the project plan, you gain a detailed understanding of what further steps will be taken. In the process, we ensure smooth planning, installation and commissioning.

We communicate closely with all operators involved in the project to ensure that your audio-visual solution can be installed efficiently, quickly and easily. From the very beginning, we provide a smooth process and identify potential hazards. This ensures we are prepared for problems arising in the future. By working closely with all trades involved we will work in the background, so that you can take care of important things: Your core business.

Wir starten das Projekt mit einem Kick-Off-Meeting in dem wir Ihre Bedürfnisse ermitteln.


The worst case that could happen to you: The audio-visual system is delivered and installed, but the power is at the other end of the room. Conference and meeting rooms not only have to be functional but also aesthetically pleasing; after all, you present yourself to partners, costumers and employees. The first impression is decisive.

In order to prevent the first impression from being clouded by any inconsistencies, our project manager prepares assembly drawings, cable strands and circuit diagrams in order to ensure that the installation is free of delays and errors. We exclusively rely on qualified partners who meet our own standards and work closely with them. Each of our partners has above-average quality standards.

Among these partners are companies such as electricians, carpenters and floor layers. Our project manager is in charge of the selection, communication and planning of these specialists.

Pulsar AV hilft Ihnen dabei einen Konferenzraum mit guter Technik einzurichten.


For any special requirements, we can assist you with individual programming. Our programmer creates a specification sheet for a detailed documentation of the operating functions. Together we will evaluate your wishes and suggestions and implement them in the development.

Based on the specifications, we develop a customized user interface that meets your demands and expectations. We take special care to ensure that the user interface is intuitive and well-arranged according to DIN EN ISO 9241. A high degree of usability is our quality standard.

Wir entwickeln individuelle Software für Sie.

Installation preparation

True to our aim to work smoothly and without attracting attention, we conduct all possible preparations in our office space. As a result, we ensure quick and unproblematic installation at your business area. We start building the rack construction for your hardware beforehand in order to keep interferences with your daily business as low as possible.

We pre-test all our equipment to avoid wasting your time unnecessarily. Evidently, this minimizes disturbances on site and reduces complications. In addition, we update the software during our audit and refresh the system.

Exceptionally accurate installation preparations ensure efficient, quick and uncomplicated installation.

Wir bereiten alles zur Installation bei uns vor, damit es bei Ihnen vor Ort schneller geht.


Due to comprehensive installation preparation, the first step towards professional and error-free installation has already been taken. As a next step, your audio-visual system will be installed by our experienced technicians. In doing so, we aim to deliver professional, error-free and efficient work. To guarantee such professionalism, we assemble a team of our technicians, who are best suited to your audio-visual solution and wishes.

Usually, the installation of your media technology solution can be completed rather quickly. Each of our technicians is an expert in his field and also a team player. Being able to work in a team is a crucial trait to ensure that every move is properly performed during the installation process.

Wir installieren alles bei Ihnen ohne Sie dabei zu stören.


Assembling all required components is, however, only half the battle. After completing the installation, we configure your new system and adapt it to your requirements. During the initial commissioning, all functions are tested and examined.

Your employees will also receive a detailed introduction to the new audio-visual system. Thereby we create a higher acceptance with your employees and help to integrate the modern system into daily routine.

If any problems or questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. The system will only be handed over to you when the technology has performed flawlessly, and your employees understand the new functions. Once you are satisfied with the construction, so are we.

Meetings mit Personen vor Ort oder Videokonferenzen, alles funktioniert effizient und  einfach.


To ensure that you always have precise information about your integrated audio-visual solution, we will provide you with detailed documentation. The records help your employees to better understand the system. The following points are included in this documentation:

  • Assembly drawings
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Block diagrams
  • Addressing lists
  • Programming incl. source code
  • Instruction manuals

If the documentation leaves any question unanswered, we will be happy to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wir stellen Ihnen die komplette Dokumentation Ihres Systems zur Verfügung.

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Pulsar AV – more than just a service provider

By choosing Pulsar AV, you are working with experts of the AV industry – we know exactly what matters. You can rely on us to always design and install the ideal media technology solution for your company. We are more than just a service provider for you: We are a companion you can trust and rely on, who provides you with advice every step of the way to your new audio-visual solution. Even after the installation is completed, we remain your partner and care for your hardware.

Your satisfaction is what we use as a benchmark to evaluate our work, it is what drives us to always do better. The same applies before, during and especially after installation. We remain at your side and are always at your side with a helping hand. In order to be on site quickly, we guarantee an appointment within one working day.

Throughout Europe, we will implement innovative audio-visual solutions for you to drive your business forward. Whenever and wherever you need us, we are there. Working cooperatively is very important to us, therefore you can rely on us and our competence.

We will not leave until you are satisfied. Our main goal is to deliver a product that is as you have envisioned. We want to make sure that we are there for you every step of the way thought the installation and long after installation is done to support you. Rest assured you are in good hands

Whether you are based in Germany, elsewhere in Europe or across the world we will be there to lend a hand when you require our services.  We will take care of all your needs anywhere. Do you have locations in Germany or the world that you want to equip with the same system? With Pulsar AV you can be sure of competent and professional support wherever you are. We set up audio-visual solutions where you want them.

Once the installation of your new system has been completed, we will always remain your partner. We continue to support you and maintain your new audio-visual solution. As a result, you no longer have to be concerned and be confident that our system is ready for use at all times.

For us it is very important to work cooperatively with you. We are not a mere service provider who withdraws after the work has been completed. You can trust us as a partner and we will support you from start to finish and beyond.

Further Services

Die individuelle Software lässt die Hardware des Konferenzraumes  perfekt arbeiten.


Together we will find the ideal design for your needs and requirements.

Wir unterstützen auch nach der Installation.


Pulsar AV is available for you even after installation. We help with problems and equipment maintenance so that your audio-visual solution is always ready for use and you do not have to worry about anything. This way, we ensure that your new conference solution is exactly tailored to your daily business and integrates smoothly into your day-to-day work.


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