Unconditional service

In the globalized world we live in, the necessity of connectivity is apparent. Our systems are designed to interconnect organizations, employees and partners, no matter where in the world you are.

The maintenance services offered by Pulsar AV are carried out by our professional and experienced staff. We regrade ourselves as your reliable partner who you can contact at any time. Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible advice right from the start. We support you on a long-term basis by helping you to spend time on the more essential aspects again. We manage your media technology, while you concentrate solely on your core business.

We would like to assure you that we will provide best service possible specially after the installation. We want you to know that you can count on us in all the stages of the project and after it’s done.

We do not keep empty promises! We offer a qualified support hotline, efficient remote maintenance, fast on-site assistance and customized services, in order to never let you down.


Our support hotline assists you with first and second line of support, for your first call.

Remote maintenance

We are able to eliminate possible errors and problems quickly and easily via remote maintenance.

On-site assistance

A competent technician will drive to you asap and will fix your device.

Break fix / Back-up devices

In order to always be prepared, we have your equipment on stock and can replace it quickly if required.


We manage your audio-visual solution by maintaining your hardware and updating software.


Instead of struggling through time-consuming queues, you want your problem fixed quickly and efficiently. We offer you an excellent service hotline of high availability and quality. Our trained employees are able to help you quickly and efficiently without long queues and forwarding chains.

From the very first phone call you will notice we take our service promise very seriously! By intelligent and efficient personnel planning we ensure immediate contact. Our staff will then support you directly in first and second line support.

Our competence enables us to provide you with the best service and to minimize interferences. As a result, you gain more time for the really important things in life: your core business!

Wir unterstützen auch nach der Installation.

Remote maintenance

Traffic jams, car breakdowns or delayed trains are no reason for you to relinquish fast and efficient service. Every Pulsar AV media technology system is equipped with an intelligent remote maintenance system. The system enables us to immediately troubleshoot and rectify problems without travelling long distances.

Most errors occurring can be fixed via remote maintenance. To your advantage, error analysis and troubleshooting are performed within the shortest possible time and ensure a rapid resumption of operation.

Error analysis instead of city traffic, troubleshooting instead of finding a parking space. The time saving is considerable.

Wir können Sie per Fernwartung unterstützen und Fehler beheben.

On-site assistance

Some errors cannot be eliminated swiftly via remote maintenance. In rare cases an expert is needed on-site. Our employee is on-site as soon as possible to restore your audio-visual solution to full operational status within the shortest possible time.

Through Service Level Agreements (SLA), we are able to offer services that are tailored to your company’s needs and the requirements of already installed equipment. We not only support you with systems by Pulsar AV, but also with systems by other suppliers.

Our work involves creating as few circumstances as possible for you.

Wir kommen zu Ihnen und reparieren Ihre Hardware.

Break fix / Back-up devices

Important and relevant systems require special protection. For this reason, we stock a set of devices on request, which can be replaced during the very first visit. As a result, an extremely fast problem solution is possible: hardware faults are rectified very quickly and without any further effort.

While troubleshooting you can, of course, use our rental equipment. Your audio-visual solution is therefore still ready for use to ensure internal company processes are not being delayed.

Wir tauschen Geräte aus und reparieren Sie, um den Betrieb nicht aufzuhalten.


Cars must be inspected every two years by TÜV and technical systems are not immune to age either. Through regular maintenance of your equipment, we ensure that it always works perfectly. During a maintenance assignment, all system functions are being checked, the units are being professionally cleaned and wearing parts are being replaced.

On request, we update the software and keep the equipment of your audio-visual system up to date.


Wir warten Ihre Geräte und stellen sicher, dass sie jederzeit einsatzbereit sind.

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Pulsar AV – more than just a service provider

By choosing Pulsar AV, you are working with experts of the AV industry – we know exactly what matters. You can rely on us to always design and install the ideal media technology solution for your company. We are more than just a service provider for you: We are a companion you can trust and rely on, who provides you with advice every step of the way to your new audio-visual solution. Even after the installation is completed, we remain your partner and care for your hardware.

Your satisfaction is what we use as a benchmark to evaluate our work, it is what drives us to always do better.  The same applies before, during and especially after installation.

We are always there for you and if you are in need of assistance we are just a phone call away. In order to be on site quickly, we guarantee an appointment within one working day.

Throughout Europe, we will implement innovative audio-visual solutions for you to drive your business forward. Whenever and wherever you need us, we are there. Working cooperatively is very important to us, therefore you can rely on us and our competence

We will not leave until you are satisfied. Our main goal is to deliver a product that is as you have envisioned. We want to make sure that we are there for you every step of the way thought the installation and long after installation is done to support you. Rest assured you are in good hands

Whether you are based in Germany, elsewhere in Europe or across the world we will be there to lend a hand when you require our services.  We will take care of all your needs anywhere. Do you have locations in Germany or the world that you want to equip with the same system? With Pulsar AV you can be sure of competent and professional support wherever you are. We set up audio-visual solutions where you want them.

Once the installation of your new system has been completed, we will always remain your partner. We continue to support you and maintain your new audio-visual solution. As a result, you no longer have to be concerned and be confident that our system is ready for use at all times.

For us it is very important to work cooperatively with you. We are not a mere service provider who withdraws after the work has been completed. You can trust us as a partner and we will support you from start to finish and beyond.

Further services

Die individuelle Software lässt die Hardware des Konferenzraumes  perfekt arbeiten.


Together we will find the ideal design for your needs and requirements. This way, we ensure that your new conference solution is exactly tailored to your daily business and integrates smoothly into your day-to-day work.




Solutions adapted to your company and your expectations. We integrate your new media technology solution perfectly adapted to your environment and wishes.


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